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27 April 2013 @ 03:08 pm
Wasn't interested in this series until I heard Tobias was cast in Season 3. If you like sex, drama, violence, and awesomeness (i.e., Rome) check it out! And without further ado, Edmure Tully of Riverrun (a poor archer with a noble face) ...

 photo GOT-1_zpse40fd252.png
 photo GOT-2_zps35f42b33.png
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 photo GOT-4_zps52f41bfd.png
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 photo GOT-9_zps17926cbd.png
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 photo GOT-11_zps9fd9be7b.png
 photo GOT-12_zpsb80f03d5.png
 photo GOT-17_zps5e395817.png
 photo GOT-13_zps26940b89.png
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