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Tobias Menzies Daily

Our Favorite Shakespearean-to-TV-to-Movie Actor

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Hello! Welcome to Et Tu Brute: Tobias Menzies Daily! This is a community for our beautiful boy, Tobias Menzies.

If you plan on joining, please read through these rules.

1. Keep all posts relevant.

2. If you are posting multiple pictures (a.k.a. more than one) please place them behind an lj-cut. This applies to icons as well...you can have a preview of three outside the cut/link.

3. All types of fanfiction (slash/het/whatever) is very much allowed and appreciated as long as the story is focused, for the most part, on Mr. Tobias or any character he plays. Please provide a rating and place the story behind a cut.

4. No bickering or harassment.

5. Introductory posts are fine.

6. No advertising unless it's relative to Tobias Menzies or anything that involves him.

7. If you have comments or questions feel free to leave me a comment at my journal.

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***Please contact us if you own a community and would like to affliate it with this one.

The Tobias Menzies Fansite

Have fun and spread the Menzies love!
Your Moderator/Maintainer,

Your Moderator/Maintainer,